CYA Ceramic Your Assets Marine

CYA Ceramic Your Assets professional marine detailing products are sure to make your vessel shine and help keep it protected and easy 2 clean.

CYA ceramic polish

All the hard work is in the prep, so make sure your detailer is choosing the right products that are compatible with each other for peak performance and shine.

CYA Polish

Our CYA Ceramic Your Assets Ceramic Polish is an incredible gloss enhancer, and is the final machine polishing step before surfaces get coated with CYA Ceramic Your Assets 5 year Marine Ceramic by our affiliate network of professional detailers.

CYA ceramic polish is the final step to glossing out your vessels surface before applying the clearcoat of CYA five year, marine grade ceramic

CYA Ceramic Your Assets Ceramic Polish is the final machine polishing step to glossing out a vessels paint or gelcoat surface before applying a clearcoat of CYA Ceramic Your Assets five year marine ceramic**.

**For professional use only**

CYA ceramic applied to left half of black mask on sportfishing yacht

Once your vessel has been coated with CYA Ceramic Your Assets five year marine ceramic by a certified ceramic coating professional, then all YOU have to do is wash, rinse and chamois, and that’s it!

Water droplets beading up on a hull protected with CYA five year marine grade ceramic

Minimal maintenance is needed to keep it clean and shiny. 

No more racing every quarter to wax and polish to keep it looking like it just came off the show room floor.

Round water droplets on the extremely hydrophobic CYA ceramic coated surface of a boat

24/7/365 protection for your vessel.

Woman standing in pulpit of boat with arms raised in a very freeing moment of bliss.

And if your marina, dock or pier is prone to critters that like to leave behind remnants of their presence on your boat, try our CYA Ceramic Your Assets Spider Wash (SW).

Compatible with ceramic coated and non-ceramic coated vessels, bait-well safe ingredients, and a natural way to keep critters at bay.

CYA spider wash. For ceramic coated and non-ceramic coated boats to keep critters away.

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